alternative Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020. Which alternative should you use to print with your Chromebook (Google devices)? Fortunately, there are cloud printing solutions to replace Google Cloud Print. Continue reading to find out how these can help you.

lockers qr code

Without thieves, schools had significantly more space and far less complex processes. Unfortunately, lockers in secondary schools are not an unnecessary luxury. Let the lockers get to the core first before discussing the latest trends.

Managing user credits for vending and canteen in your organisation

Cash money... those coins and notes you can use to pay for various products. In the past year, about 65% of all payments were made by debit card. However, cash money is still being used, although to a lesser and lesser extent. But how do you, as an organisation, ensure that all these different cash flows are properly managed? 

Why should my university or school use a school card?

While educational institutions pride themselves on being circular and environmentally friendly, the school or student card seems to stand the test of time. A stakeholder, a supplier of a digital school card, estimated that 800,000 school cards are issued each year.

In any case, the lifespan of the card has been greatly extended since my own graduation. Often, a student or school card is valid for the entire duration of the course and is no longer replaced every year. 

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