Managing user credits for vending and canteen in your organisation

Cash money... those coins and notes you can use to pay for various products. In the past year, about 65% of all payments were made by debit card. However, cash money is still being used, although to a lesser and lesser extent. But how do you, as an organisation, ensure that all these different cash flows are properly managed? 

Why should my university or school use a school card?

While educational institutions pride themselves on being circular and environmentally friendly, the school or student card seems to stand the test of time. A stakeholder, a supplier of a digital school card, estimated that 800,000 school cards are issued each year.

In any case, the lifespan of the card has been greatly extended since my own graduation. Often, a student or school card is valid for the entire duration of the course and is no longer replaced every year. 

why pay cashless at schools via QR code

When you hear that Apple is about to start something, you already know it's going to be an important part of our society. So will paying with QR code, which is what Apple is now focusing on. No doubt it will be the future. Just look at Asia, where payment via a QR code is the standard.

Enough reason for us to explain why schools and universities could also offer this payment method to students and pupils.

cash at our school KUARIO payment

The outbreak of the corona virus seemed to have brought the world to a standstill, at least that's how it seemed. There's still hardly any air traffic, sport stadiums are empty and children are only allowed to go to school under strict conditions. But schools are far from closed. If anything is happening right now, it is at schools. Children have a right to education at all times.

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